If you are interested in working with us, please provide us with the following information:
- Whether or not you can publish your work (we prefer projects that can be published)
- Roles, brief, references and usage
- Budget (approximate is fine)
- Schedule

[Important Notice] 
We are temporarily suspending new production operations between the following dates:
March 30th (Saturday) - June 30th (Sunday)
*We will continue to handle engagements such as presentations, article writing, interviews, inquiries, re-editing of past productions, and meetings as needed.
・内容(担当範囲、ブリーフ、リファレンス、使用用途 など)
3月30日(土)〜 6月30日(日)
※登壇、記事執筆、インタビューなどや、お問い合わせ、過去制作物の再編集、打ち合わせ 等については随時対応させていただきます。

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