We created the motion graphics for Crezit Holdings' website renewal. The company's four mission statements, which are related to financial challenges and solutions, are represented abstractly with the yellow ball in the company logo as a motif.

Crezit Holdingsのリニューアルサイトのミッションのモーショングラフィックスを制作しました。ロゴにある黄色い玉をモチーフに、金融の課題や解決策などに関する4つのミッションを抽象的に表しています。


Client: Crezit Holdings Inc.
Planning/Creative Direction/Writing: Masaya Yamamoto (ingraft inc.)
Project Management/Produce: Masakazu Tsuru (ingraft inc.)
Website Art Direction/Design: Hidetoshi Hara (Sunny Inc.)
Mission Motion Graphics Director: minmooba (mooba studio Inc.)
Design: Yuriko Kuga
Animation: Bleeki Shih, minmooba (mooba studio Inc.)

Style Frames


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