We worked on the motion graphics for a board game called Mapputa Two-Tone Soul.
We made the most of the charming music, visual design and character illustrations.

ボードゲーム「まっぷたツートンソウル」のMVの制作を担当しました。 素晴らしい楽曲に、キャラクターイラスト、パッケージデザインの魅力をふんだんに使用しています。

Style Frames


Music: Hige Driver, Karasuyasabou, Powerless
Vocal: Shully
Director: Gouichi Sakamoto (BoureiKoubou) 
Concept Art: Miche (BoureiKoubou) 
Motion Graphics Director: minmooba (mooba studio) 
Motion Graphics Design: minmooba (mooba studio), Yuriko Kuga 
Motion Graphics Animation: Bruce Chen, Ssu Chien Huang 
3D Modeling: Kazumasa Otani
3D Animation: Takahiro Miyauchi
3D Effect Lighting: Kazuya Yamanaka 
Character Illustration: Tera Terada 
Board Game Graphic Design: eins


Visual Development


Thank You!

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