We produced a product story video for Showa Nishikawa's new brand MuAtsu+. It provides a viewing experience that allows users to easily and intuitively understand the features of the products.
We also produced an introductory video for MuAtsu Sleep Lab, a showroom equipped with a body-fitting system where users can experience the products first-hand.
The visual design is simple and clean, with nothing to distract from the bedding products themselves.
For the sound design, we used textures to express the quiet comfort of the bedding, complemented with subtle instrumental sounds.
また、ブランドの全製品が体験できるショールーム「MuAtsu Sleep Lab.」のボディフィッティングシステムの紹介映像も制作。
Direction & Art Direction: minmooba (mooba studio)
Creative Director: Hiroyuki Komatsu
Producing: Masakazu Tsuru
Illustration: Azusa Okumura
Animation: Bruce Chen, Ssu Chien Huang
Sound Design: Hajime Saito

Product Story Style Frames

Body Fitting System Style Frames
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