We produced four digital adverts for the Nikkei Digital U23 student discount campaign, two for job hunters and the others for new graduates. The fast-paced voiceover, bright colours, and pop motion graphics are designed to appeal to the target audience of young people. The music is the same song with different arrangements, acoustic and digital.

日経電子版 U23割(学割)のデジタル広告「就活生篇」、「新卒篇」、「続・就活生篇」、「続・新卒篇」の4パターンを制作しました。

Client: Nikkei Inc. 
Producer/Director/Art Director: minmooba (mooba studio) 
Design: Yuriko Kuga, Akihiro Morita
Animation: Wen Lou 
Music: waiai 
Voice Over: Kokoro Minamino

Style Frames


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